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Twin Cities wedding and event pianist, Sharon Planer, loves the adventure of bringing events to life with her live piano music!

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Wedding Music
How to Plan Your Wedding Music
October 13, 2015

From the moment your wedding guests enter your ceremony or reception site, one of their first experiences will be the music! 

You will want your musician to be talented, professional, reliable and passionate about creating a beautiful musical setting for your special day.

How to find the right musicians for your wedding.

Word-of-mouth recommendations from people you know and trust can provide you with great leads. Get recommendations from local music stores. Do an internet search for the type of musician you are looking for. The place where you are having your ceremony or reception may provide you with names of musicians that they recommend. Check with other facilities that hire musicians for their recommendations. Select a number of musicians to contact. Hear them perform live. Read reviews online of people that have hired the musicians you have selected.

Ask the musicians for sample demo recordings. Ask them for references. Talk to references who can vouch that the musicians do a great job and are prompt and responsible. Do they provide a free consultation to help you plan your music? Are they willing to learn other songs? Do they play the style of music you are looking for? Are they willing to accompany vocalists or other instrumentalists if necessary? Will they attend your wedding rehearsal? What backup plans can they offer if they are not able to perform for your ceremony? Do they charge by the hour, by the job? Do they 'listen' to you? Do they make you and your event seem important to them? Do you like their personality and they way they respond to you? 

Find out the total cost to you including their performance, mileage, set up fees, rehearsal, practicing with other musicians, learning new music, etc.  Once you find the musicians that best represent your wishes, you will probably be asked to provide a deposit in order to secure the date for your wedding. 

Finding music for your ceremony

Once you have selected your musicians, you will want to meet to plan your ceremony music. Your musicians should be able to offer advice and provide you with a variety of music to choose from. Be sure and tell your musicians any special song requests that you have. It can sometimes take 4-8 weeks to special order music, so it’s important to do this well in advance of your wedding. The musicians will appreciate time to learn the music. 

There are some great sheet music resources and song lists online. Your local library will also likely have wedding music resources including sheet music and sound recordings. Many of the wedding web sites have lists of ceremony and reception music allowing you to listen to samples. Online and retail bookstores have music resources as well and you can listen to samples in the store and online. Bookstores and music stores will have resources to help you plan your music as well as sheet music and audio recordings. Staff at the retail stores are usually happy to share their insights with you. Discount chain stores sell wedding sampler audio recordings as do card shops and wedding shops.

Here are a few sites with helpful musician reviews and great planning ideas.


Perfect Wedding Guide

Central Minnesota Wedding Association


If planning music for your wedding seems overwhelming, a professional musician will be able to guide you through the process and take care of all the details for you.  


You can relax knowing that your musician will create the perfect setting for your wedding!

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Who is the WINNER of 'Best Ceremony Music'?
August 20, 2015

MN Bride Magazine's 'Best of 2015' party was in full swing on Weds., July 15, at the stunning A'BULAE event venue in Lowertown St. Paul.

I was excited to attend as a Finalist for Best Ceremony Music. When the announcer said, "The winner for Best Ceremony Music for 2015 is Sharon Planer, Pianist for Parties", I was so excited and hurried right up to the stage to receive my award!
Pianist for Parties winner of Best Ceremony Music 2015 at MN Bride Magazine
MN Bride Magazine 'Best of 2015' Pianist for Parties

 I am humbled and grateful to all the brides, grooms, event professionals and others for nominating me as a finalist for the MN Bride Magazine 'Best of 2015' Ceremony Music. Your voices were heard!

There are many wonderful wedding musicians in the Twin Cities including the other two finalists the Four Voices String Quartet and the Lake Minnetonka String Quartet.

Engaged couples in Minnesota have great options for finding quality wedding professionals. A good place to start your search is at the Minnesota Bride Magazine Best of 2015!

Remember to pick up a copy of MInnesota Bride Magazine at your local newsstand or call 1-800-637-0334 for great planning tips and real wedding stories.

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A joyous wedding indeed!
December 18, 2013

by Sharon Planer, Pianist for Parties

From the moment this couple walked into my office, their enthusiasm and excitement was contagious. As we talked about their vision for their wedding day and as I played samples of piano wedding music, certain songs and artists surfaced that they really loved. We came up with a great play list for the pre ceremony, ceremony and post ceremony music. It was an elegant mix of some older romantic standards with contemporary songs. I was glad they wanted a wedding pianist for their ceremony music. They were a delightful couple to get to know!

Happy together!

Happy together!

Rev. Leslie Johnson gave a heartfelt and intimate message which brought tears and laughter. 

Wedding at the Semple Mansion.

Wedding at the Semple Mansion.

From my place at the grand piano I was not able to view the Handfasting Ceremony. The photo below shows the brides' mothers and Rev. Leslie as they braided the three strands of ribbon. The brides clasped their hands together and Rev. Leslie fastened their hands with the braided ribbon symbolizing their unity and oneness.

The Handfasting Ceremony.

The Handfasting Ceremony.

The Semple Mansion was a magical setting for this beautiful wedding. This couple wanted to find the perfect venue for their wedding day. It was fun to hear Rev. Leslie's story on how they knew the moment they entered the mansion that this was where they wanted to be married! Intimate, classy and beautiful...just like the brides!

Meant to be.

I loved the song they requested for their recessional...'Walking on Sunshine". It was great fun to perform and it was obvious they had fun recessing!

Wedding recessional at the Semple Mansion.

Wedding recessional at the Semple Mansion.

Their wedding was one of the most joyous ceremonies I have experienced. I was glad I arrived early at the mansion so I could experience the exuberant joy that was taking place.  There were happy voices and much laughter as the brides and their wedding party traversed through the mansion and outdoors for photos. It was not uncommon for cheering to break out!  Even though they had to endure the chilly outdoors temps, you could tell by their smiles, that this was a joyous wedding indeed!

The happy couple!

The happy couple!

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