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Twin Cities wedding and event pianist, Sharon Planer, loves the adventure of bringing events to life with her live piano music!

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Music for a Party of One
April 03, 2013

by Sharon Planer, Pianist for Parties

My phone rang.

The gentleman caller wanted to hire me to play for his wife's wedding anniversary.

This sounded like a splendid idea to me! He explained that every anniversary he has tried to plan something extraordinary.  

The anniversary this year was problematic because his wife was very pregnant and on bed rest.

He realized that whatever solution he came up with would have to happen at home.

While at his local Dunn Bros coffee shop, the gentleman noticed my Pianist for Parties business card on the bulletin board and he was hit with a bolt of inspiration. He could hire a piano player to serenade his wife on their anniversary! I thought to myself, 'What an awesome guy to plan something so special for his wife!' When I arrived at their home, I observed the husband sending his two children out the door with the babysitter and brown bag dinners in their hands. It was a precious sight!

The husband escorted me inside and introduced me to his wife who was reclining on the couch in the living room. Against the wall was an upright piano waiting to be played. I asked her for requests and started my serenade. The husband disappeared into the kitchen. Amid the strains of my music could be heard the clatter of pots and pans. Eventually, delicious aromas emerged into the room. I continued my serenade while his wife rested comfortably. My music concluded when the husband announced that the anniversary dinner was ready to be served! 

I left their home with a happy feeling of having helped make their wedding anniversary a little more special.

Do you have a story where music played a key role in an anniversary celebration? I would love to hear your comments!

anniversary party