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Twin Cities wedding and event pianist, Sharon Planer, loves the adventure of bringing events to life with her live piano music!

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Remax Open House with live piano music!
August 11, 2014

A beautiful home in North Oaks was the site for my music.

Remax agent extraordinaire, Pam Joel, wanted elegant piano music to greet her visitors when they visited her Open House event. 


I couldn't have had a lovelier spot to set up my portable piano. As I played, the vaulted floor-to-ceiling windows gave me a perfect view of the scenic mallard pond. Visitors were delighted with the many unique features of this home.  Guests were treated to delicious hors d'oeuvres and wine. They relaxed in the dining room to chat and listen to my music.

This resident certainly likes it here!

This resident certainly likes it here!


Pam Joel and her assistant, Rebecca, were the gracious hosts. They let me join them to try out the treats! Pam and one of the guests asked me to play some dance music, so I pulled out a swing tune and the two of them cut loose on the living room hardwood floor. 


This house will make a perfect home for some lucky couple or family.

Could it be you? Contact Pam and she will be happy to schedule a showing just for you! 

Pam Joel at Remax Results!


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Samba for Soccer
May 19, 2013

by Sharon Planer, Pianist for Parties

'Do you know any Brazilian music?' was the question asked of me when I was hired to provide piano music for a party.  

"Oh, Yes! I love playing Brazilian and Latin music!", was my answer. The event was a cocktail party and I knew the music would create a lively jazzy atmosphere which is just what they were looking for. The event was an Appreciation Party for those who have supported their cause over the last few years.

I appreciated the client taking time to share his enthusiasm about the Foundation I was playing for. He explained that Joy of the People (Center for Soccer) in St. Paul had a unique youth sports philosophy.

They believe that children should have a place to experience the joy of free play and that it should be accessible to all children. 

They recently signed a ten year lease on the building and property which means they can now move forward on some great field improvements. They also received a wonderful grant on the turf needed once they get the field prepared. So they are in fundraising mode for this great cause! 

Midway through playing for the event I learned the 'Brazilian' connection. The founder and a foundation member visited Brazil to meet with some of the soccer talents and learn more about their concept of free play in Brazil. They returned with renewed vision for their endeavor.  You will enjoy reading some of their findings on their Joy of People web site. 

 If you have a passion for allowing children to be children while enjoying the sport of soccer, you could help make their Field of Joy come true. I invite you to show your interest by contacting

Joy of the People are working on making their Field of Joy a dream come true.

Joy of the People are working on making their Field of Joy a dream come true.

Joy of the People sponsored a beautiful evening of appreciation for their volunteers and sponsors. I had a fun time playing catchy Latin rhythms for this great group of people!

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What does this pianist do with a Minnesota winter?
February 06, 2013

by Sharon Planer, Pianist for Parties

Pianist for Parties puts aside her piano music and glides out into the great outdoors!

Planer says, "With fresh snow on the ground and the temps above zero degrees, I strap on my cross country skis and take off. The brisk winter air and rhythm of motion clears my mind. My senses are awakened to the occasional sound of woodland creatures stirring, the sight of glistening snow crystals, the feeling of cool air entering my lungs. When my toes start turning cold, I know it is time to head back. I return home with renewed energy and fresh ideas to put to use in my life and in my music."

What do you think? Is cross country skiing better on groomed trails? Or is it better to blaze your own trail?