Avoid an acoustical nightmare

I especially liked reading what the Central Minnesota Wedding Association September blog post had to say about the checking out a room's acoustics ahead of time. You can see a link to their blog post below.

When a client hires me to play piano music or accompany another musician, I want to do my best to make sure the environment will be conducive to a musical performance.

piano musician

Clients and venues put a lot of planning into the visual and culinary aspects of their weddings and events.

Sometimes sound quality gets overlooked. I have learned that it pays to visit a venue to find out not only the acoustical attributes of the room but also other noises that might affect the acoustical comfort level of a room or venue. 

Last weekend I played for a wedding that was supposed to be on an outdoor patio. I visited the patio ahead of time and discovered the HVAC unit for the building was right next to the patio and was unbelievably loud. The venue had no control over when it would come on or off. I mentioned this to the couple getting married. When they visited they also noticed the noise and finally decided to move the wedding indoors. I was pleased with their decision. My piano music and the beautiful songs of the vocalists were much more appreciated in the lovely ballroom.

Read Central Minnesota Wedding Association's venue guide blog post HERE.

Made it onto the Today show!

I knew Andy and Nick were an incredible couple when I got to know them planning their wedding music, but I had no idea they'd make it on the Today show!   Read all about it!

Married at last!  Photo credit: Coppersmith Photography.

Married at last!  Photo credit: Coppersmith Photography.

Andy and Nick had already been newsworthy in the Freedom to Marry web site in 2012, 'Minnesota Natives, Andy and Nick, together 14 years, speak out against Marriage Amendment".

The Wedding Day.  Photo credit: Coppersmith Photography

The Wedding Day.  Photo credit: Coppersmith Photography

After 16 years of commitment to each other, Andy and Nick saw their dream of marriage realized! Their friends and family that had supported them those many years were there to share in the joy of their wedding.

I am deeply grateful to Amy Coppersmith of Coppersmith Photography for recommending Andy and Nick to me.  Amy had been friends with Andy and Nick for years. When it came time to select a wedding photographer, they knew they could have no one else but Amy.

When I met with Andy and Nick to plan their music, I was pleased to learn that Nick was a talented musician. Andy and Nick had already put together some music ideas including specific songs that were special to them. It was obvious that the wedding music was really important to them.  When they asked me to find a violinist to perform with me, I was delighted that violinist, Conor O'Brien, from the Loring String Quartet, was available. The songs that Andy and Nick selected were beautiful when performed as a piano/violin duo.

Violinist, Conor O'Brien, & pianist, Sharon Planer.  Photo credit: Coppersmith Photography

Violinist, Conor O'Brien, & pianist, Sharon Planer.  Photo credit: Coppersmith Photography

Are you curious as to some of the song highlights that Andy and Nick had at their wedding?

On the Wings of Love, I Won't Give Up, All of Me (John Legend), Arrival of the Queen of Sheba.

Andy and Nick are an example of love at its' finest!

Photo credit: Coppersmith Photography

Photo credit: Coppersmith Photography

Remax Open House with live piano music!

A beautiful home in North Oaks was the site for my music.

Remax agent extraordinaire, Pam Joel, wanted elegant piano music to greet her visitors when they visited her Open House event. 


I couldn't have had a lovelier spot to set up my portable piano. As I played, the vaulted floor-to-ceiling windows gave me a perfect view of the scenic mallard pond. Visitors were delighted with the many unique features of this home.  Guests were treated to delicious hors d'oeuvres and wine. They relaxed in the dining room to chat and listen to my music.

This resident certainly likes it here!

This resident certainly likes it here!


Pam Joel and her assistant, Rebecca, were the gracious hosts. They let me join them to try out the treats! Pam and one of the guests asked me to play some dance music, so I pulled out a swing tune and the two of them cut loose on the living room hardwood floor. 


This house will make a perfect home for some lucky couple or family.

Could it be you? Contact Pam and she will be happy to schedule a showing just for you! 

Pam Joel at Remax Results!