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Twin Cities wedding and event pianist, Sharon Planer, loves the adventure of bringing events to life with her live piano music!

Are you planning a Downton Abbey or English themed party?
January 04, 2016

The Royal Event Musicians are at your service!

The Royal Event Musicians

Do you want your guests to feel like royalty?  

Pianist Sharon Planer and Harpist Serena O'Meara have the perfect repertoire!

Sharon and Serena's beautiful piano and harp duo performance of the Downton Abbey theme song and extensive repertoire of English songs will create an authentic setting for your English tea party or Downton Abbey themed event.

Call Sharon at 612-845-1970 or Serena at 715-830-5070.  

Email works great too! and

Visit the Royal Event Musicians to learn more!

Sharon and Serena's calendar is filling up fast. BOOK NOW!

Music Fit For A Castle - YOUR castle!

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Holiday Pianist adds pizazz at Mall of America
November 29, 2015

Shoppers were in a festive mood at the MOA.  

I had great fun playing holiday piano music! 

The new North Entrance Rotunda at the Mall of America was spacious with comfy couches so visitors could relax and listen to my music. Enjoyed seeing people that I knew too!

My holiday season is filled with playing for wonderful parties. The Mall of America was a great way to start! Tonight I am at the Spilled Grain Brewery for a private client appreciation event.  

Some of my clients have me return year after year. The Snowmobile Club is my longest running gig at 15 years! I feel like family when I return every December to play for them.

A corporate client at the International Market Square invited me to set up my portable piano onsite at their location to play for their holiday party. Buca will be the caterer and I am included in the feasting!

Another corporate client has hired several aerialists to perform at Aria for their holiday party. They hired me to play for the party and also provide piano accompaniment during the aerialist act. I contacted the aerialists and met with the client early on to plan how this would be accomplished. They asked me to record the music ahead of time so the aerialists could practice with my music. I better make sure I play the songs exactly as I recorded them on the day of their event!

I am especially looking forward to performing with Harpist Serena O'Meara. A client hired us to perform harp and piano duo music for their Christmas party at a beautiful country club. It is a very classy event and our music will make it even more so!  Serena  and I perform as the Royal Event Musicians and we have a lovely repertoire for unique occasions. You can find out more at ROYAL EVENT MUSICIANS.

People love to gather at the holidays to share in a special time together. I feel honored when I am invited to be their pianist.

I love creating a festive musical atmosphere for holiday events!

How to Plan Your Wedding Music
October 13, 2015

From the moment your wedding guests enter your ceremony or reception site, one of their first experiences will be the music! 

You will want your musician to be talented, professional, reliable and passionate about creating a beautiful musical setting for your special day.

How to find the right musicians for your wedding.

Word-of-mouth recommendations from people you know and trust can provide you with great leads. Get recommendations from local music stores. Do an internet search for the type of musician you are looking for. The place where you are having your ceremony or reception may provide you with names of musicians that they recommend. Check with other facilities that hire musicians for their recommendations. Select a number of musicians to contact. Hear them perform live. Read reviews online of people that have hired the musicians you have selected.

Ask the musicians for sample demo recordings. Ask them for references. Talk to references who can vouch that the musicians do a great job and are prompt and responsible. Do they provide a free consultation to help you plan your music? Are they willing to learn other songs? Do they play the style of music you are looking for? Are they willing to accompany vocalists or other instrumentalists if necessary? Will they attend your wedding rehearsal? What backup plans can they offer if they are not able to perform for your ceremony? Do they charge by the hour, by the job? Do they 'listen' to you? Do they make you and your event seem important to them? Do you like their personality and they way they respond to you? 

Find out the total cost to you including their performance, mileage, set up fees, rehearsal, practicing with other musicians, learning new music, etc.  Once you find the musicians that best represent your wishes, you will probably be asked to provide a deposit in order to secure the date for your wedding. 

Finding music for your ceremony

Once you have selected your musicians, you will want to meet to plan your ceremony music. Your musicians should be able to offer advice and provide you with a variety of music to choose from. Be sure and tell your musicians any special song requests that you have. It can sometimes take 4-8 weeks to special order music, so it’s important to do this well in advance of your wedding. The musicians will appreciate time to learn the music. 

There are some great sheet music resources and song lists online. Your local library will also likely have wedding music resources including sheet music and sound recordings. Many of the wedding web sites have lists of ceremony and reception music allowing you to listen to samples. Online and retail bookstores have music resources as well and you can listen to samples in the store and online. Bookstores and music stores will have resources to help you plan your music as well as sheet music and audio recordings. Staff at the retail stores are usually happy to share their insights with you. Discount chain stores sell wedding sampler audio recordings as do card shops and wedding shops.

Here are a few sites with helpful musician reviews and great planning ideas.


Perfect Wedding Guide

Central Minnesota Wedding Association


If planning music for your wedding seems overwhelming, a professional musician will be able to guide you through the process and take care of all the details for you.  


You can relax knowing that your musician will create the perfect setting for your wedding!

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